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The believing and efficient youth are the real wealth of the country: Ayatollah Khamenei

The believing and efficient youth are the real wealth of the country: Ayatollah Khamenei

1 . The believing and efficient youth are the real wealth of the country ...
‎2 days ago ... Ayatollah Khamenei, the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran's
Armed Forces attended the graduation ceremony for army ...

2 . AhlulBayt News Agency - ABNA - Shia News
‎Believing, efficient youth real wealth of country: Imam Khamenei. Ayatollah
Khamenei, the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed
Forces ...

3 . Iran possesses missiles with range enough to reach Israel ... - ABNA
‎2 days ago ... Commander-in-Chief of Iran's Armed Forces Ayatollah Khamenei ... Believing,
efficient youth real wealth of country: Imam Khamenei.[PDF]

4 . The Leader's Norouz address in the holy city of Mashhad
‎Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, addressing
a ... New Year, in an important address elucidated the real meaning as well as
the ... Islamic Revolution invited all people, particularly youth, to reflect on the ...
country's public opinion, and that is the Iranian nation is facing a two-track way
and ...

5 . Israeli Army Raids Palestinian Refugee Camp | World Affairs Journal
‎2 days ago ... He identified them as Bahaa Bilal Eid, Ahmad Imran Muhammad Ali, .... Believing
, efficient youth real wealth of country: Imam Khamenei.

6 . Cultural Warfare and Our Duty
‎4 Aug 2010 ... The people were melted in Imam, and what did Imam do against this ... that
Ayatollah Khomeini (RA) created a real thought Revolution and ... Also, the
enemy has aimed at the faith and belief of people especially the youths, and has
used .... wealthy cultural source and pure ethical intellections, the country ...

7 . “Khānivādih”, a compilation of speeches by Ayatollah Sayyid ... - AMIS
‎5 Feb 2016 ... The book is made up of Ayatollah Khamenei's speeches, which have been ... He
insists that the only effective way of creating efficient family structures ... With
regards to a youth who had not married, the Prophet (SAW) would turn ... The real
effect of neglecting the importance of the family structure will soon ...

8 . Ahmadinejad blocked from running in... - Google News
‎2 days ago ... My mission was to undo the terrible damage my country had visited upon ...
Believing, efficient youth real wealth of country: Imam Khamenei.

10 . NewsNow: Politics news | Breaking News & Search 24/7
‎5 days ago ... Iranian Spokesman: France among Countries Complicating Syria Crisis ...
Believing, efficient youth real wealth of country: Imam Khamenei ...


11 . Force and Opinion - The Noam Chomsky Website
‎Nevertheless, Hume's paradox is real. ... Those who believe otherwise may turn
for guidance to the ghost of Archbishop Romero and countless others who have ...

12 . :: Mahdawiat :: Universality of the Mahdi's Mission
‎Abjuring false Gods and returning to the One True Creator should remove all
afflictions from man's life. .... When Allah gives such recognition to Imam Ali's
testimony for the Prophet's .... Believing in this day is one of the foundations of the
Islamic faith. ..... Is this form of wealth a special one for the time of Imam Mahdi (a.
) ...

13 . Generation of wealth in Islamic economics -
‎5 Dec 2010 ... About Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution ... In order to help the country
accumulate vast national wealth, all economically active citizens of ...

14 . Hassan Rouhani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
‎Hassan Rouhani is the seventh President of Iran and has been in office since
2013. He is also .... The conflict was resolved by the Ayatollah Khomeini
intervening and .... legally, and technically efficient nuclear team with Hassan
Rouhani in charge. .... an increase in real income per capita and equitable
distribution of wealth.

15 . Iranian Youth and Imam Khomeini's Islamic Revolution: The Nexus ...
‎1.2 Imam Khomeini (QS): The Man and Islamic Revolution in Iran The world had
..... “Do not sacrifice the belief of the people and the independence of the nation
for ... the Shah should employ the growing wealth of the country to combat

16 . poverty ..... solidarity to the revolution were efficiently and efficiently utilise by the

17 . Sayyid Ali Khamenei - Page 21 - Iran Politics and Analysis ...
‎6 Oct 2006 ... They themselves became wealthy and they dragged those countries towards a
...... Ayatollah Khamenei said the real bipolarization is to choose .... the youth's
belief in Islam, in the efficiency of the Islamic government and even ...

18 . July 04
‎Leader urges youth to promote affinity with the Holy Quran ... Ayatollah Khamenei
said the aim behind teaching and training in Islam is to raise ideal ... that peace
and tranquility are the real demands of Iran's Islamic system and Iranians. ...
Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the Iranian nation will turn the country
into ...

19 . Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Nuclear Issue ...
‎21 May 2007 ... Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, addresses the ... Iranian youth in
the field of their expertise have proven their talent and scientific power. ...
Fortunately in our country the nuclear issue is not a factional or group issue. ...
the other side too is killed and this is contrary to our belief and science.

20 . real unity, ...... The youth are the country's efficient forces whose strong hands


21 . The 12 people and things that ruined Iran – POLITICO
‎4 Mar 2016 ... Ismāʿil was a great patron of the arts and highly efficient bureaucrat, ... Ayatollah
Rūḥallāh Khomeynī ... The war's aftermath reinforced the belief that Iran has
always been ... Iranians took to the streets in protest while Khamenei publicly ...
Ahmadinejad had promised to redistribute the country's oil wealth ...

22 . Chapter 5: Intolerance and Shi'ite Egocentrism | Freedom House
‎“Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran, under Ayatollah Khamenei's leadership, ...
and glorious path of Imam Khomeini, and, the Iranian people, with their belief in
God, ... strides in developing and building the country each day and strengthens

23 . the ... All textbooks demonstrate that Islam can offer effective and efficient

24 . Boko Haram and the Nigerian State: a Different Perspective
‎This study reveals that while it is true that socio-economic factors may drive the ....
Many believe that Boko Haram is leading an armed insurgency against .... to
state management found its vent in Ayatollah Khomeini led Revolution in Iran in
1979. .... Nigerian is a country with massive wealth, a huge population and has
the ...

25 . WOA! - How to Attain Population Sustainability
‎Countries experiencing a 'youth bulge' can reap a demographic dividend by
optimizing .... Tragically, while we have the necessary technology and wealth, the
vision and ..... economic growth is unsustainable and that more efficient global
indicators of .... Unfortunately this fall, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei, ...

26 . Scientific Authority in Health Sciences; Challenges and Solutions
‎Strategic planning of human resources and education of youth with talent, ... This
can be obtained by believing in Cod's wishes, reviving Islamic-Iranian culture, ...
10) Lack of scientific diplomacy and cooperation with developed countries ....
Rastegarfar M. The approaches of scientific referee in Imam Khamenei word.
Center ...

27 . The Politics Of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us? - Newsweek
‎14 Oct 2001 ... Every Islamic country in the world has condemned the attacks of Sept. ... Nothing
will be solved by searching for "true Islam" or quoting the Quran. ... Far from
producing political progress, wealth has actually had some negative effects. .... in
1979 when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini toppled the Shah of Iran.

28 . pun083016 - Prophecy Update
‎30 Aug 2016 ... Marxism in its purest form - the sharing of income and wealth. ... We underline the
right of migrants to return to their country of ... Well, I believe it is clear that the
Sustainable Development agenda of the ..... The Ayatollah Khamenei said, "Our
enemies are made up of the ..... They usually know the real story.

29 . Khamenei's Norooz Address – March 20, 2016 - Print Report
‎5 Apr 2016 ... Khamenei said that Iran cannot give up its missile capabilities, and .... "There are
of course some inside #Iran who believe in& accept this ... I will present this
analysis, and I [would] like our dear youth to .... We have a problem bringing our
wealth – which has been kept in their banks – back to the country.

30 . Politics|Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate in Florida
11 Mar 2016 ... (APPLAUSE) Real estate developer and businessman Donald Trump. .....
Immigration is something that brings youth and vibrance and energy to our


31 . At War With Whom?: A short history of radical Islam :: Middle East ...
‎With vast oil wealth behind him, Qaddaffi financed various terror operations
against ... the first modern Islamic republic, as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
overthrew ... but left the real counter-terrorism dirty work to Egyptian President
Husni Mubarak, .... Militant Islam had already conquered three Middle East
countries: Iran, ...

32 . The "Secret Society” Behind Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda
‎Subsequent Crusaders looted Muslim wealth in the Holy Land. ... Eventually the
Templars “developed into an efficient military organization that ... Muslim
fundamentalist founded their own secret society for youth, ... Wherever Lawrence

33 . journeyed in Muslim or Arab countries, he founded many secular Young

34 . Totalitarianism - Student Resources in Context - Gale
‎A true totalitarian ruler attempts to take charge not only of the public life of the
people, but ... and torture facilities boasting the efficiency of advanced industrial
operations, ... 1979: The Ayatollah Khomeini establishes an Islamic theocracy in
Iran. ... to increase the wealth and military power of their countries without having
to ...

35 . Slavoj Žižek · Berlusconi in Tehran: The Rome-Tehran Axis · LRB 23 ...
‎23 Jul 2009 ... This, we are told, is the true Ahmadinejad: the Holocaust-denying fanatic is a ...
militia, but a mega-corporation, the most powerful centre of wealth in the country.
... Ayatollah Khamenei will lose whatever remained of his status as a ... when
people stop believing in their own power but, on the contrary, when ...

36 . Ronald Wilson Reagan - Conservapedia
‎21 Sep 2016 ... It's especially hard to believe that it was only a decade ago, on a cold April ...
redistribution of wealth, the welfare state, and nationalization. ... Church of
Reagan's youth coincided with the words, if not the beliefs of ..... was that Iranian
President Ayatollah Khomeini was holding fifty- two Americans hostage.[PDF]

37 . IrAN HUmAN rIgHTS revIew: YOUTH - Foreign Policy Centre
‎19 Aug 2012 ... This is not only true for countries such as Tunisia, Libya, ... of the revolution,
Ayatollah Khomeini, the Islamic Republic is “not afraid of economic ...[PDF]

38 . "Major themes from Catholic Social Teaching" -
‎Belief in the inherent dignity of the human person is the foundation of all ...
allowed to amass excessive wealth when others lack the basic necessities of life.
.... but in giving aid, it is every country's duty to respect the latter's culture and to

39 . refrain .... goes into exile. Ayatollah. Khomeini returns to Iran from exile in Paris.

40 . Neuropsychology of Ayatollah Rohollah Khomeini -
‎27 Oct 2010 ... Ayatollah*1 Khomeini's fame in western countries is mostly related ... I might not
be able to get away from guilt by blaming my errors on youth and naivete, but I


41 . Iran's Economic Conditions - Iran Watch
‎22 Apr 2010 ... Although Iran has vast petroleum reserves, the country lacks ..... 1970s, during
which Iran's economy experienced real economic growth rates ... relations,
liberalize trade, and, more recently, redistribute wealth ..... Corps (IRGC) was
founded in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini .... Some Iranians believe that.

42 . Family planning may be our last hope - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
‎12 Feb 2015 ... "Pakistan is going through a youth bulge in its demographic transition. ... With
more workers and fewer people to support, the country has a window ... In the
late 1980s, Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini decided that the .... A good way of
understanding governance is to look at the government's efficiency.[PDF]

43 . The New Public Diplomacy: Soft Power in International Relations
‎Most authors believe that public diplomacy can be better understood in the
context ...... This is true in countries where government is not trusted, but also in
stable ...... as Canada or wealthy smaller country such as Norway, a state's
foreign policy is ...... Ali Khamenei, the current Ayatollah, spoke of Iranian
diplomats in the.[PDF]

44 . The Women's Movement: An Emerging Power - LSE
‎that enacts real changes in Iran, not fundamental or systemic reforms, but ....
group does not believe in Khatami's political reformism and calls for a return to
Islamic cultural and ... promises to spread the country's oil wealth he portrayed
himself as anti-establishment. ..... Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of
Iran since.

45 . Iran's 20-Year Economic Perspective: Promises and Pitfalls | Middle ...
‎But for a large and populous country, dependent for as much as 40 percent of its
... regardless of religion, gender or political beliefs, as real democracy requires.
..... display of wealth, has made the nouveaux riches role models for the youth. .....
be found in the statements by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei before students of ...[PDF]

46 . Iran's Economy - Foreign Press Centers - US Department of State
12 Jun 2008 ... The Islamic Republic of Iran, a resource-rich and labor-rich country in the ... have
worked to reduce regional and class disparities through oil wealth redistribution.
... Despite the challenges faced by Iran, most analysts believe that the .....
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his supporters transformed Iran into ...

47 . The Candidates - Tehran Bureau | FRONTLINE | PBS
‎5 May 2009 ... Ayatollah Khomeini is seated on the bed (far right). ... The respect is due partly to
Mr. Khatami's sincere belief in a ... Or if true, Mr. Khatami was clearly not
persuaded. ... the most important non-clerical figure who influenced Iranian youth
in .... that running the country efficiently was his highest national duty.

48 . Global Sociology / Religion in Global Times
‎In all non-US wealthy countries, churches have lost their political and social ... “
The US is therefore the least efficient western nation in terms of converting wealth
into ... Members of such movements think that their – one and only true – religion
is .... For the authors of the revolution, such as Ayatollah Khomeini, their success

49 . Middle East and North Africa - Transformation Index 2016
‎23 Nov 2014 ... small number of countries, and the influence of parties is ... realization. Efficient
use of assets ... Real change did not take place, a .... Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
and his Council of Guardians govern outside any system of checks and .... The
wealth produced by state-dominated economies has been.

50 . Why Iran's Islamic Government Is Unraveling - by Jamsheed K. Choksy
‎15 Jun 2010 ... Iran's current supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was appointed in ... under
which they have lost any real ability to govern themselves. ... Khamenei